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Re: [IP] Any pumping wrestlers?

Mag, as an old wrestler, I have to strongly second Michael's comment saying
,"no way."  No place on the body is safe from attack in a match.  Indeed if
his opponent knows or feels a catheter in place, he's likely to
deliberately use it as a handle.  I'm a nice guy, and I sure would have
:-).  It's the nature of the sport.  Either try the bent needle like
Michael says, or just take it out and use injections for the match.  When I
wrestled, I was on a single daily morning injection of protomine zinc
insulin, so things could be worse :-).  Ah, the good old days.......
sigh.......   Not ideal I agree, but I think that may be the reason why
there are so few pumping wrestlers.  Maybe he should change occupations?
Pumping iron is a lot easier on the catheter sites and it will help his
football next year.

<Ok all, still in football season, and Matt's first game is this Friday with
<pump, and i'm sure he'll be just fine.  But Nov 1st is the first wrestling
<practice.  How on earth am i going to have him wrestle and keep the softset
<inserted?  Any pumping wrestlers out there?

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