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[IP] Meters Rea and Software

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I have been using the One Touch Profile meter from Lifescan and the One Touch software for several years.  For me it is a real time saver and gives me accurate records that I could not get put together other wise.  My medical advisors really like the reports because the reports have the numbers right there.  Otherwise you are looking at a log  with a lot of pages and trying to "guesstamate" what all the numbers all add up to and at what time of day it has been happening.  Some of the reports are more useful than others.  Over all the accurate, organized reports are fantastic motivates for me.  It is only with the software that  I now can  SEE the reports that I never had before.   Well worth the $79.00.  The technical support has been very good.  They have sent me2 updated versions free.
Charles S..          Diagnosed 46 years ago this week 

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