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Re: [IP] Any pumping wrestlers?

A couple points here (no pun intended):

First, I don't know if it's correct to say "many users" do this (remove, 
then reinsert bent needle / Rapid sets). In the early days of pump therapy, 
it was a more common practice, since there were no disconnect type infusion 
sets, but I think you'd find it's not a common practice today. I have done 
it several times, but only in situations when I didn't have a spare set 
with me.

Second, the Rapid has a fabric base with adhesive on it. If you remove it, 
it can be difficult / impossible to get it to "re stick", especially if 
you've inserted through a base tape or if you use Skin Prep or other 
stickum helper. This is not the case with the other bent needle sets, even 
the ones with the "wings" of fabric on them. They do not have adhesive, so 
if necessary, they can be re positioned and taped back in place. In my 
experience with those bent needle sets, it's not that simple to remove the 
set, since the tape sticks to the fabric, which makes it tricky to remove / 

Bob Burnett - who still has a stash of bent needle sets :-)
mailto:email @ redacted

At 06:55 PM 10/26/99 -0800, Michael wrote:

> > Michael you are a wealth of information.  When you say reinsert, do
> > you mean the same "Rapid" or bent needle?  Unlike the Micro once
> > out, you toss.
>Yes, there are many users that do this. Appropriate sanitary
>conditions must me met of course. Both of these sets have steel
>needles. I'm sure you can get some samples.
>email @ redacted

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