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[IP] sites that *sometimes* hurt and fasttake

Just an FYI, the fasttake sucks for heat too.  I didn't discover this until
I was 2 miles into a slot canyon in the desert of Utah.  Actually, not in a
slot canyon, but after it :)  It was cool in the canyon.  I couldn't test
until I was back to the car and that was after I'd only been pumping a few
weeks!!!  I was REALLY nervous, came out a little low, but okay.  As for
strangest places to test, I've got two from this summer:  In a slot canyon,
about ten feet above the ground (didn't know if my shakiness was from
nervousness of being suspended or low), and when stuck waist deep in snow.
We were hiking in JULY and this little southern girl didn't expect 4' of
snow up there!  My foot (followed quickly by FEET) broke through and I was
stuck.  So while I waited for my friends to trek back over to me to pull me
out, I thought, hey, what the heck, I'm bored, I can't move, I'll test ;)

As for sites hurting - everyonce in a while I get one like today - I was at
the gym, with a perfectly fine feeling 2 day old set and a certain movement
while lifting weights knocked  me out practically.  I had to sit there and
breathe deep for two minutes waiting to recover!  It was in my rear (just
below beltline) and whatever I was doing, I had put pressure on it... but
usually that doesn't bother it.  Just every once in a while...

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