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[IP] Re: more on meters

>I was just looking at the demo disk for Intouch
>Software and was trying to decide how it would work
>w/Ryan pumping. Some of the reports are obviously NOT
>for pumping. How long have you or Shane been using it?

Well, we have not been using the official Intouch software, because,
well, we are mostly just cheap I guess. Shane didn't care to have all
the fancy extra's (graphs, etc), and none of them produced output that
quite matches what we want. So we only bought the cable and have been
using one of the shareware type programs, called twotouch. We liked that
one because it can dump raw files and I wrote a small little converter
to put them in a format the CDE likes. Also it came with source code so
we could modify the program to do other stuff if we wanted. If you have
tried the shareware route and didn't see anything you like, or if you
just prefer to not spend the time messing around with all the shareware,
then go for the Intouch software. You should be able to get some useful
info out of it and you can always just disregard the non-applicable
stuff. Also you can probably get some "tech support" on it unlike with
most shareware.
After trying out the Precision pen this evening, Shane has decided he
REALLY likes the 20 sec wait and the small size, so I guess we will
start saving our "box tops"... We will gladly accept donations :)
The following is sort of an example of the layout our CDE likes. I
haven't found any free/cheap programs to produce it which is why we sort
of wrote our own. If anyone knows of programs to do this, or would like
copies or ours, let me know.

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