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Re: [IP] fast take and cold weather

I am a true believer of YMMV, especially with meters.  In 5 years, I've
gone through and tried a fair number of meters.  My favorite by far is the
FastTake.  For me, it has given me accurate numbers and been reliable.  I
LOVE playing outside in the cold!  I usually just keep my FastTake in my
bra, and whip it out when I need it.  I have far more trouble making my
finger bleed than getting my FastTake to work in extreme cold.  Last winter
I had some heating problems, and was without heat for a week (when we were
having daytime highs in the lower 30s).  I had to keep my FastTake "on me"
when I was inside as well, but when I tried another meter of mine (I forget
which one), it was just as unhappy about being cold (but it wasn't small
enough to carry in my bra).

Speaking of cold weather, what do people do with their pumps when sled
riding?  At least my varity of sled riding involves a lot of bumps, jars,
and bangs.  I wouldn't want to leave it in the car because it gets so cold,
and many times I will go to try "cool" hills that are a good distance away
so I couldn't leave it at home.  I would prefer not trying to have to do
the injecting thing (I've frozen several things of insulin in these
situations).  Does all your layers keep it safe (and not give you bruises
from it- I would just stick it on the other side of my bra... it would
balance my FastTake, but I really think a pump bruise in that area would
not be fun... maybe more in the armpit area?)?  Do you keep your
pump/tubing directly against your skin, or is it okay just between your
inside clothes and outside clothes?

Maureen (who really hope there is at least one good snow this year so she
can play outside, and is now living in a different place and hopefully will
have heat all winter)
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