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Re: [IP] Re: starting the pump with saline

In a message dated 10/26/1999 3:54:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< When the machine injected the set it hurt alot. >>

I have never used the soft-serter  with my QR soft-sets. When I was learning 
to insert them , my CDE had  me insert one without using the device, in case 
I was ever in a situation where I didn't have the device with me. I find it 
much more comfortable this way.
you might want to try this.  Also, I use the 42 inch tubing.  I find it less 
restricting.  Lastly,  when I  can't clip my pump (MM507c) to my outer 
clothing, I remove the clip and tuck it in the center of my bra.  Hope this 
is helpful.

Wendy R.
pumping 5 months
Loving it!
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