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[IP] hypoglycemic unawareness

Previous Message From: email @ redacted
Over several years I have struggled with little or no
awareness when my BG drops, ...  The problem is
confounded because I can function quite well with BG
in the 20's.  Obviously the right answer is to control
things so it doesn't drop that low, and my endo and I
have been trying.  ... Does anyone know of any clinics
or groups that teach glucose awareness classes, I've
found a few on the web, but if they were closer to the
midwest that would really help?  Has anyone had any
experience with such a class and could you share it? 

I can relate to this challenge. Even insulin pump
therapy with  tight control and the best efforts
doesn't eliminate all lows. Unfortunately, all
diabetics will be dealing with hypos until the loop is
closed or there is a cure. I read an interesting
article in Diabetes Interview's October 1999 Issue
(Diabetes And The Open Road, Are you Driving While
Low?), which had a section titled, Manual Teaches
People How to Recognize Low BGs. (The magazine's
Internet address is http://www.diabetesinterview.com/,
but it doesn't post this article. ) It spoke of the
"Blood Glucose Awareness Training (BGAT), which is a
private institute developed over 18 year ago to teach
patients how to recognize low blood glucose symptoms."
The authors are from the University of Virginia. The
institute gives workshops and teaches people BGAT and
sells a manual (185 pages) for $23 (804-924-5316
phone). I tried to call last night and midmorning, but
received an answering machine each time. I'll update
you when I hear back. Has anyone in the group
read/seen this manual?

I am also in the Midwest, Kansas/Missouri area,
perhaps we could feature one at a support group or
create an event.



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