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Re: [IP] fast take, cold weather, & beanies

I use a FastTake for the speed & convenience.  We go "primative camping" a
few times a year, & the nighttime temps (sometimes the daytime ones, too!)
have caused it to give me a "too cold to test" indicator.  We solved this
problem at night by sleeping on it (I lay it underneath me- between me & the
sleeping bag, no problem!) & in the day by packing it directly against me
beneath clothing.  Yes, this meter & I have done some SERIOUS bonding over
the past few years!  :)  I would think that, as far as skiing goes, putting
it into one of those little bra-pockets or into a baby sock pinned into the
clothing where it's going to get body heat should work.  Let us know what
you decide to do, & how it works out, for future reference.

Good Luck!

P.S.  I got a package from Lifescan on Saturday that had me giggling all day
long.  (Apparently it doesn't take much!)  It seems that somehow in my
correspondence with them, they have me figured out to be a little kid...not
that I'm offended, mind you!  Anyway, they sent me the "beanie" version of
my FastTake meter...it's adorable!  Anybody else out there get one of these?
If you haven't, & you've got a youngster (or a collector of beanie-type
characters) who tests, you could call & see if they'd send you one!  As the
only thing I was expecting in the mail that day was bills, it definitely put
a smile on my face!

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