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[IP] Re: more on meters


>it will work easily with the OneTouch hardware & software.
>Could be your acceptance test:
>Doesn't behave with the computer interface,
>send it back to erase your credit-card charge.

excellent idea! I'll run that one by Shane and see what he thinks.

>Remember the other cute feature of the CheckMate meter
>was its self-contained lancet, no separate poker needed.

yes, very cute. I think you are right about the bankruptcy thing. They
used to be Cascade Medical but that website died. Now I found them at
I think having the lancet and strips and all stored inside the little
case would be quite handy. From what they show on the above site and the
Children w/ Diabetes site it looks like it would be a really nice
product, much smaller than anything else out there but with plenty of
features. Seems like they could have a lot of business if they would
make the things more widely available, do a little advertising, and
maybe give a few away :)
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