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Re:[IP] more on meters

Subject: [IP] more on meters
From: Laura Arns <email @ redacted>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 13:49:05 -0500
>got a Precision QID Pen found out the computer cable is about $140.
>know if we might get lucky and be able to use
>the same cable on the Precision ?
I know, and the answer is NO.
The "Precision" doesn't contain as much rom and cpu as
the Lifescan OT2 and Profile, so the $140 "adapter"
or whatever name they call it for Precision QID's
computer interface to download is almost as much
cpu&computer as the whole Lifescan OT2 or Accucheck Complete.
The Precision QID does NOT contain a time-of-day clock,
but it does contain a counter of its oscillator cycles,
so its memory contains two entries per reading: the
reading and the time-since-battery-start, something after the
fashion of 940969473 seconds since 00:00 UTC Jan 1 1970
which my unix-systems call either (as I choose to see)
Tue Oct 26 13:24:33 PDT 1999
Tue Oct 26 20:24:33 GMT 1999
The numbers inside the Precision QID meter memory will
of course be smaller, but the nature of conversion will
be similar. That is SOME of what that $140 device is for,
also the conversion from raw converter data to "presentation"
units-of-measure either mg/dl or mmol/L for the bG readings.
About all the device inside the large RS232 "plug" of the
OneTouch adapter does is the RS232 voltage and timing
conversions for the 3-wire connection into OT2, Profile, or:
>CheckMate Plus meter, selling for about $40,
>Also, the software and cable costs about $40.
This one probably DOES use the OneTouch cable, and
maybe some software will "run" the meter.
I remember when, now several years ago, maybe 1992-1995 ?
the first CheckMate's maker went bankrupt while they were
talking about making this "Plus", and asked me to make
(design for them) a "cable" for it "just like LifeScan's",
we're going to make our meter use the same commands...
If the newly-refinanced company actually did,
it will work easily with the OneTouch hardware & software.
Could be your acceptance test:
Doesn't behave with the computer interface,
send it back to erase your credit-card charge.
Remember the other cute feature of the CheckMate meter
was its self-contained lancet, no separate poker needed.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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