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Re: [IP] Any pumping wrestlers?

> Ok all, still in football season, and Matt's first game is this
> Friday with pump, and i'm sure he'll be just fine.  But Nov 1st is
> the first wrestling practice.  How on earth am i going to have him
> wrestle and keep the softset inserted?  Any pumping wrestlers out
> there?

He might be able to swing it in practice as long as his team-mates 
know not to grab in that area, but in competition he will probably 
have to remove it completely, PARTICULARLY a sof set. It might be a 
little easier with a Sil/Tender/Comfort, but not much. When 
manipulated, a sofset will definetly pop out. Perhaps Matt should 
consider bent needles for competition days. They can be removed and 
reinserted. They are not quite as comfortable, but Lily used them for 
about a year and a half and did not complain a ton. Also, I believe 
the "Rapids" can also be removed and replaced.

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