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[IP] free Precision QID-longish

I don't recall the name of the person I spoke with, sorry. I told her
that Shane had an ExacTech pen that he really liked, but the batteries
were dead so he wanted to get a replacement. She told me that they have
a policy of replacing the products when the batteries die, but that
ExacTech pens aren't made any more, so she offered me the Precision Pen
instead. She asked me to return the old pen in an envelope she was
enclosing, but I told her Shane had already thrown out the old one since
it didn't work. She said that was fine and sent me the new one anyway
(FedEx overnight!). I guess you guys could try telling them the same
story, whether its true for you or not, and see what happens :)  Let me
know how it goes, please.
One other note/question: after getting this thing out of the box and
looking it over, I don't see anything that looks like a data port on the
pen, unless the cable has some sort of really weird adapter that goes in
the same slot as the strips. Anyone out there using the pen with the
computer hookup?

Yerachmiel- thanks for the "box top" info. Maybe we will try that out,
especially since Shane's gpa is also using a Precision so we could get
his boxes too. I too don't care for the formats on a lot of the software
out there. I wrote a small converter program to take our OneTouch output
and put it in a format our CDE likes. Wish I had the time to write one
of those big fancy programs...  I think Shane will end up wanting to
keep the pen unless we go ahead with getting the CheckMate One. The
CheckMate looks really nice, lancet and all built right in, but its hard
to spend the money when we've already got 2 free meters. If he decides
to toss it and gpa doesn't want it, you will be first on the list.
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