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[IP] RE: Pump bumpology


Yes, I'll definitely rinse off the Hibiclens (chlorhexidene) henceforth
before insertion (although I haven't had any allergic reactions to it).

FWIW, my pump bumps don't seem to be caused by canula rejection, since as
long as I do NOT use IV Prep (triclosan), I don't seem to get any bumps at

> Wait a second!
> Hibiclens is a surgical scrub containing red soap and a chlorine based
> antibiotic, Triclosan.  It needs to be thoroughly rinsed off 
> after use or it
> may cause allergic reactions.
> I suggest:  Shave, then scrub with hibiclens, rinse it all 
> off, (paper)
> towel dry and apply IV prep, air drying before inserting a 
> tender infusion
> set.
> I'm pretty sure the bumps are from anaphylactic 
> (inflammatory) rejection of
> the canulae, not from the soap or preps.  When it gets too 
> itchy, I unstick
> and remove the tender, and insert another.
> Richard
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