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[IP] More on Meters (precision QID computer attachment)

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 13:49:05 Laura Arns <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] more on meters

>Well, yesterday I called and got a Precision QID Pen sent to us, free of
>course. Unfortunately after a little more looking around, found out that
>the computer cable is going to be about $140. Don't suppose anyone has
>one of those just lying around they'd like to part with (inexpensively)

I know a year or two ago I spoke with someone in MEDIsense who told me that if 
I sent in box tops showing I bought 1000 strips that they would send me the 
cable and software free!!  And they actually DID!!!  I had thought I saved 
this persons name but unfortuneatly somewhere in my mess of stuff it got lost 
but I think you can just call MediSense and ask them about program to get 
computer hookup.

If you decide you DONT want the meter I WANT IT.  I have a precision QID but I 
don't have the pen variety and would LOVE to have another one.  Let me know 
who and how you called to get the free meter PLEASE.

Yerachmiel Altman

by the way: I just got version 2.1 of the medisence software.  I'm not overly 
impressed but it is nice to see data (I'd rather write it myself, just haven't 
had the time ... I have the software protocol for the meter if anyone wants 

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