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[IP] more on meters

Well, yesterday I called and got a Precision QID Pen sent to us, free of
course. Unfortunately after a little more looking around, found out that
the computer cable is going to be about $140. Don't suppose anyone has
one of those just lying around they'd like to part with (inexpensively)
We already have the cable for Shane's OneTouch. Anyone know if we might
get lucky and be able to use the same cable on the Precision (with
appropriate shareware of course)?
When I called Cascade medical about the CheckMate Plus meter, they said
they don't do free ones. They do have a supplier which is selling them
for about $40, and you get 2 free boxes of strips. Wish it was buy the
strips, get the meter free, then we might have a chance at getting
insurance to pay! Also, the software and cable costs about $40. I didn't
really want to pay $40 for the meter and then find out he doesn't like
it, but that is starting to sound better than the $140...
Someone also suggested the FastTake. I'm sure we can probably get one of
those free or cheap, and as I understand it, we can get an adapter to
use it with our OneTouch cable. Perhaps we will have to try that. Shane
really wanted the pen variety, but when he finds out the cost he might
change his mind.
thanks all for the input/advice,
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