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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] Itching tape

Just another "here's what we do"...
Ryan's skin is tape sensitive, but he also is very
active, so to get the set to stay in through it all,
he uses 3 pcs tape w/every set. first takes all
adhesive off the sofset. inserts, then puts the "cross
hatch" tape on, then the other tape that comes
w/sofset (is this iV3000?), then tops it off with a 4"
tegaderm HP,
seems a bit much, I know, but otherwise changing the
set every day.. Think I will get some skin tac. would
this help tape stick through swimming, football, etc?

One more question. Does anyone else change just part
of the set? i.e., just filled new resv. & changed set,
goes swimming later in day, tape & set comes out.
rather than changing the whole enchilada, disconnect
at the QR, hook up a new cannula end, prime 5 units,
put in new set.  Feel like I'm cheating, as keep
hearing channge the whole thing every time. seems like
a waste of insulin when the rest of the tubing is fine
and the resvr is full. just wondered if I'm the only

Rae, Ryan's mom (who has figured out from this list
that I'm almost never the only one)


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