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[IP] "testing" humalog

<<Well, seems to me everyone is different. I've
observed that Humalog
takes about 4 hours in me. 

That's another thing you can test:  after
fasting, and WITHOUT a basal,
eat some carbs and take the appropriate amount of
humalog to cover them.
Measure every 15 min, and observe when the BG
starts to rise (that's
onset of the food), when it levels out and starts
to fall (that's the
onset  and peak of the Humalog) and when it stops
falling and starts to
rise again (that's when the Humalog action is

At that point, obviously, you would hook up
again, and monitor your BGs
for another couple of hours to correct for the
previous lack of basal,>>

thanks for this suggestion. I have been trying to find
a way to figure this out. (even before the pump).
question: after fasting, without basal? so in the
morning when he wakes up, i.e. 8 am, turn the basal to
0, eat bkfast, measure as above? or do you turn the
basal to 0 a while before this? seems that the
previous basal would affect...but if you didn't have a
basal for say, 2 hrs prior, wouldn't the bg be on the
rise already?  I really want to try this. We are still
struggling with the HIGHs after breakfast, hope this
might shed some light on it.  thanks.
-Rae, Ryan's mom


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