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[IP] Re: HumulinRvs.Velosulin,,?+Humalog?

Hi Barb -

>1. I don't fully understand the differnce in actions of velosulin and
>Humulin R

Essentially Velosulin and Humulin R are the same insulin - it's called
Regular. But Velosulin has some extra chemicals added which *may* in some
people help it to be absorbed more regularly and steadily. But we're all
different, and in most people it makes no difference. You've got to try it
for yourself and see.

>2.I don'y know if it is to my benefit to include Humalog in my regime.

Humalog - as you probably know - is an entirely different insulin which is
absorbed into the blood stream much faster. For most people this is great,
since it's more likely to hit your blood about the same time as your food
does - depending on what you've eaten. The downside is that in some people
the body reacts against the Humalog, and it causes the blood sugar to swing
up and down. Many people also find that it causes infusion sites to go bad
much faster - so they have to change every 2 days instead of every 4 days.

So if your control is much worse on Humalog, or if you find it unacceptable
to be changing sets so often, then go back to Velosulin.

However, some find that if you mix some Velosulin with the Humalog, you get
the benefit of the Humalog's fast action and the benefit of Velosulin's
regular absorbtion. But many find this provides no benefit for them at all!
Again, you've got to try it for yourself and see.

>3. NOT agreat typer!

Your typing's great :-)


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