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[IP] Re: Pump bumpology

Wait a second!

Hibiclens is a surgical scrub containing red soap and a chlorine based
antibiotic, Triclosan.  It needs to be thoroughly rinsed off after use or it
may cause allergic reactions.

I suggest:  Shave, then scrub with hibiclens, rinse it all off, (paper)
towel dry and apply IV prep, air drying before inserting a tender infusion

I'm pretty sure the bumps are from anaphylactic (inflammatory) rejection of
the canulae, not from the soap or preps.  When it gets too itchy, I unstick
and remove the tender, and insert another.

email @ redacted

>Date: Mon,25 Oct 1999 16:25:26 -0700
>From: "Oliver, Dan" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Pump bumpology
>Those of you who deal with "pump bumps" may find this interesting, even if
>it is a bit of a diatribe...
>I've been pumping Humalog for about 2.5 years, and have had trouble with
>pump bumps for about a year now.  I sorta chalked it up to some kind of
>Humalog sensitivity or other inexplicable weirdness.  A few weeks ago I was
>going through my notes and noticed that I first started using Smith and
>Nephew IV Preps about a year ago.  I'd been using Hibiclens applied by
>cotton ball up until then.  I liked the IV Preps a lot because they're so
>convenient (compared to Hibiclens).
>I realized that the pump bump problem started up (slowly and
>after I switched to the IV Preps.  I hadn't really linked the two because
>was so intermittent at first.  Just for yucks I switched back to
>Hibiclens/cotton ball sterilization, and lo and behold, my pump bump
>is getting considerably better.  I still get one occasionally, but it's
>usually very tiny and lasts about a day.
>For those of you who might be unfamiliar with using Hibiclens, you apply it
>to your target location (on a cotton ball), and then swab in a circular
>motion moving _outward_ from the center.  This helps to carry any surviving
>bacteria away from the center.  Don't reswab afterward, as you'll simply
>reintroduce the bacteria.  Then you let it dry and insert a set.
>I've found that inserting through dried Hibiclens stings a lot more than
>going through dried IV Prep.  I seem to recall, however, that in the early
>days, I used to use a clean alcohol swab to carefully wipe the dried
>Hibiclens away from the center of the target area, and I never had any
>infections (or pump bumps).  I think I'll try this technique again to see
>what happens.
>I'd be interested to know if anyone else has experienced (or is
>experiencing) pump bumps and is using IV Preps...

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