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[IP] Psych out for Sils insertion + getting sills to stay put

After my first sil insertion I thought for sure that the anticipation and 
fear would dissipate, and it would become easier.  As my husband stands over 
me and counts... 1... 2.... 3....  "Your blood sugar is going to reach 400 
before you put that thing in."  Ah if he only knew....  I still can't just do 
it.  Its almost like an adrenaline thing, my hand starts shaking and I start 
to feel light headed, and it takes forever for me to finally just do it.  I 
wonder if any of you have the same prep psych out with inserting the sils?  
Also if anyone out there is having problems with getting the tape to stay 
stuck, this may help.  The IV 300 tape comes in squares, I cut a small hole 
in the center, and after inserting, before I connect I position the tape with 
the hole over the disc and wula, then I just connect....  Piece of cake.
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