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[IP] We're getting the pump, FINALLY!!!!



The doctor just called and said they've reviewed our case and his team is soooo impressed with the work and effort we've put in over the last 6 or 8 months!  and it SHOWS cause Kristina's A1c is 7.4 now, the lowest ever since she was 18 months old!!!  He said we'd first learn all about the pump and get it ordered and everything, then start her on saline and then start her on insulin!  He wants us to go to Temple and stay at the Ronald McDonald House (better than the hospital, that's for sure!!) for a couple days while we start the insulin to be sure we have everything under control!!  YIPPPEEEE!!!  He said his nurse will call us tomorrow to work out the details of scheduling and everything!!

But....   WE'RE DOING IT!!!!!!  YEEEHHHHH!!!

FINALLY!!  I just can't believe it!!  Kristina has been running excitedly through the house and calling all her friends and all our family on the phone!!  We are all so excited!!

I just wanted to share our good news with you and if you're new to my "list" and interested in more info about the pump, visit my new webpage with links to sites that tell you about the pump at  http://virtualnurse.com/diabetes/pumping/pumppage.html

Take care!