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Re: [IP] Movie Theater Popcorn Carb Counts

> Does anyone know how to count pop-corn's carbos? >>

Finally something I can answer! Got this from my diabetes educator - it was a 
reprint from the Nutrition Action Newsletter. It doesn't make a difference if 
it is popped in coconut oil or canola shortening, or if you add "butter" 
topping - the carbs are the same.

AMC Small, Cineplex Odeon Kids - about 5 cups, 25 carb
Cineplex Odeon Small, United Artists Small - about 7 cups, 35 carb
AMC Medium - about 11 cups, 55 carb
Cineplex Odeon Medium, United Artists Medium - about 16 cups, 80 carb
AMC Large, Cineplex Odeon Large, United Artists Large - 100 grams carb
   (that last one with butter topping is 1,642 calories, and 77 grams fat!!!)

Hope this helps!
Lynn in S. Florida
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