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[IP] Pump bumpology

Those of you who deal with "pump bumps" may find this interesting, even if
it is a bit of a diatribe...

I've been pumping Humalog for about 2.5 years, and have had trouble with
pump bumps for about a year now.  I sorta chalked it up to some kind of
Humalog sensitivity or other inexplicable weirdness.  A few weeks ago I was
going through my notes and noticed that I first started using Smith and
Nephew IV Preps about a year ago.  I'd been using Hibiclens applied by
cotton ball up until then.  I liked the IV Preps a lot because they're so
convenient (compared to Hibiclens).

I realized that the pump bump problem started up (slowly and intermittently)
after I switched to the IV Preps.  I hadn't really linked the two because it
was so intermittent at first.  Just for yucks I switched back to
Hibiclens/cotton ball sterilization, and lo and behold, my pump bump problem
is getting considerably better.  I still get one occasionally, but it's
usually very tiny and lasts about a day.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with using Hibiclens, you apply it
to your target location (on a cotton ball), and then swab in a circular
motion moving _outward_ from the center.  This helps to carry any surviving
bacteria away from the center.  Don't reswab afterward, as you'll simply
reintroduce the bacteria.  Then you let it dry and insert a set.

I've found that inserting through dried Hibiclens stings a lot more than
going through dried IV Prep.  I seem to recall, however, that in the early
days, I used to use a clean alcohol swab to carefully wipe the dried
Hibiclens away from the center of the target area, and I never had any
infections (or pump bumps).  I think I'll try this technique again to see
what happens.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has experienced (or is
experiencing) pump bumps and is using IV Preps...

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