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Re: [IP] Trying low-carb.-ruth

my husband I and I tried this way of eating and were ok for first month
>,,,but our bodies started craving carbs.  the body needs energy..which 
>from carbs.  I would awaken in the morning with a headache and could barely
>do my aerobics class.  no energy whatsoever.

I have read that this sometimes happens in the first several weeks and then 
disappears once your body makes some sort of transition??

>I think you can do low carb....not NON carb and still keep BG's under
>control.  you don't need to do without.

  Ruth-- I agree with you here! I read somewhere that fruit causes too much 
of a bg rise to count as a viable low carb alternative, and read similar 
things about whole wheat breads.  I have tested bgs and found this to be 
UNTRUE. (well at least for my, but YMMV of course :)  For example, a normal 
fasting bg for me is about 85-100 or so, and when I eat an apple and bolus 
accordingly, I only see a 30 point or so rise before my numbers level and 
then go down.  Same with sandwiches if I have enough protein with them.  I 
find that fiber and protein slow my carb absorption alot!! which is why en 
equivalent amount of orange juice carbs sends me sky high for a little 
while, even with the right bolus.  --Gianna

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