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Re: [IP] Itching tape

> Ok Matt asked me to post this to the list and i told him i would. 
> He wants to know if there's anything that can be done for the tape
> itching???????  

The tape should not itch. this probably indicates some sort of 
allergy. You need to isolate it to which tape??  The tape on the 
micro or the BIG piece of tape. There are several solutions depending 
on what you find out. The simplest is to use a skin barrier prep such 
as Smith & Nephew "Skin Prep" (not IV prep which looks the same). If 
that does not do the trick, you'll need to find out which tapes do 
not cause a problem and use them. If it is the micro adhesive, try 
simply leaving the paper on the sticky part. Put a layer of IV3000 
down first then the set, then another piece of IV3000.

You might try 3 - 4 different tapes in one inch squares for 3-4 days 
and see which if any bother him.

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