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[IP] Re: Back from our 1st vacation

Laura,  I am glad your vacation went so well for you!  I do not feel taht you 
should feel bad at all about using a pass for your daughter in the park.  
With the amount of time one can wait in line, it is quite possible that 
during that wait it would be testing time, or time for a snack.  If you had 
to step out of line for this, after waiting so long already, that would not 
seem fair.  With the schedule that your daughter has to be on, without the 
pass, it is quite possible that your family would not get to enjoy the park, 
and all the rides, as other guests would, if you were not given a pass.  
There are so many down sides in life for your daughter in dealing with her 
diabetes, look at this as well deserved break in her hectic dailey routine of 
living with diabetes.  Just my thoughts on it!

Tina  mom to Tara 12 dx'd 6-98 and Kara 8 and Mindy 2
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