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Re: [IP] putting air in syringe for extra insulin...& our list for being prepared

We haven't had to use this technique yet, although we did practise it in
the event it is necessary.  I took the syringe out of Erica's 507C, the
one and only time she 'ran out' and decided it was a good time to see
what would happen.  I unscrewed the tubing from the top of the syringe,
drew about 20 units of air into it, popped the tubing back on, put the
syringe back in, and then primed until I saw insulin moving from the end
of the tubing.  It worked!  We always have a syringe in her blood kit in
the event she runs dry anyway (we can withdraw insulin from the tubing
itself), but I like this idea a lot better.  It would do until we got
home and could refill.

I was thinking of what Natalie said about being unprepared.  I put a
list in my Word documents, and on it is the list of items we take
whenever we are away from home for  an EXTENDED period of time.  Erica
(11 yrs old) checks the list with the bag and replenishes it.  We are
often away for a weekend, or an overnighter, or a FULL day, whether it
be to attend skating competitions (Erica's sister is a competitive
skater), camping - now through for the season :( , visiting with family
out of town, or just making day trips.  This might seem obsessive, but
believe me, when you are at a resort, hours from home, celebrating
pumping success, and you have used all but one of your infusion sets due
to the hot tub and basal dilation...I have learned to be PREPARED!  I
would rather have that little grey bag sitting there as our safety zone
than have Erica feel it is her fault that we have to go home early.  We
never want her to feel guilty for what diabetes has dealt her and she is
learning responsibility.

Here is what is in the 'Hit The Road' bag :-)
Spare blood kit - Forgot it once and you guessed it, the Profile caved,
Spare strips - Nice to know there is a backup when you see 3 strips in
the regular blood kit and you are hours or days from home.
Spare Sils.....more than we think we will ever use :)
Spare batteries - Yep..they usually decide to die when you are NOT at
Spare H/R/N -For refilling the syringe (we mix H/R 5:1).  The NPH is in
the event of pump failure or ?.  We don't want to ruin a camping trip so
would resort to needles and MDI until replacement pump is in hand.
Pump Syringes
Regular Syringes
Poker refills
Alcohol Wipes
Minimed Book - At least we will know where it is.
Tegaderm - Comes in handy for skating too.
Ketostix - Thankfully she never has ketones so we seldom use them, at
least this way we know where they are.
Glucagon - Never have had to use it in 7.5 yrs..but "When you're away,
havoc will play"
Bandaids (cute tattoo ones)
AntiBacterial Cream - A few sites have been redder than usual upon
removal so this is a precautionary measure.
Blue Minimed Bag - Great for sticking the pump in while at poolside, or
roughousing.  Also keep spare tubing and infusion site covers in it for
swimming or showering or getting down and dirty.
Now, as a reminder, this is our TRAVELLING PUMPING BAG.  We do not carry
this everywhere, basically she usually has a blood kit with a syringe in
it, a spare Sil, and a calculator for figuring out her boluses. The
'travelling' bag usually sits in the office and at least we know where
things are.   I want to teach Erica to be responsible for having a
'stash' when we are not at home which is often.  Usually all she has to
do is replenish a few items, but having her check the list lets her know
too, that if something does go wrong (and believe me it has at the most
inopportune times) she is covered.

Barb McBean!  Glad to see you are using the list...told you it is

I have been doing more lurking than posting for the past while.  Things
are going VERY well (fingers crossed)...honestly I DID cross my fingers,
it is getting so much easier all the time even though we have had to
totally readjust all basals and some bolus ratios, but life is GRAND!
Pumping Rules!  And, due to Erica and 2 others, pumping at camp this
summer we will be having more pumpers in Nova Scotia soon!!  YIPPEE!
No, she is not self-inserting yet, but she will in time.  Small steps
take you the same distance, it just takes a little longer :)

When she comes home from school today, she is going to go through the
digests to find info on Carbo count of pumpkin seeds.  I told her I
thought I had seen something posted about them, and she wants to eat a
bunch, so searching will be good for her.  Just another step.  If she
wants it bad enough, she'll find it.

Phew....sorry for the long post...making up for my absence!!!

My butterfly is still FREE...and so are we <g>

Barb....Erica's mom (pumping 7 months, 8 days!)

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