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Re: [IP] Re: burning sensation

RAE FRUTH wrote:
> 6 hrs seems a long time for
> a bolus to still be "working", its probably the basal
> (or exercise). Although Ryan's humalog seems to take
> 3-3.5 hrs to run its course (even though the endo
> swears it only takes 2)

Well, seems to me everyone is different. I've observed that Humalog
takes about 4 hours in me. 

That's another thing you can test:  after fasting, and WITHOUT a basal,
eat some carbs and take the appropriate amount of humalog to cover them.
Measure every 15 min, and observe when the BG starts to rise (that's
onset of the food), when it levels out and starts to fall (that's the
onset  and peak of the Humalog) and when it stops falling and starts to
rise again (that's when the Humalog action is ending.)

At that point, obviously, you would hook up again, and monitor your BGs
for another couple of hours to correct for the previous lack of basal,
if necessary.

Knowing how YOUR body reacts to Humalog can be very useful for
calculating  boluses, for knowing when to correct, and when not to, and
for estimating square-wave boluses and temporary basals. 

For example, I've learned not to correct if my BGs are a little high at
3 hours, because I know they're going to continue to fall for another

On the other hand, if they're MARKEDLY high at 3 hours, I do correct,
because that last hour is only the "tail" for me. 

Good luck! 


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