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Re: [IP] RE Type 2 and David's questions

Michael wrote:
> > <<...subsets of type 2. Is there a site on the internet
> > that I can read up on these?>>
> >
> > Try a search at the Am.Diab. Assoc. web site. Not sure if they will take you
> > to Diabets Care (journal) articles.
> Also try some selective site searches using the Insulin Pumpers search
> engine. IP spiders most of the major diabetes sites and you can pick and
> choose which indices to use in your search.

The most I've ever been able to find is a statement in Diabetes Care
that says that Type 2 ranges from people who are primarily
insulin-resistant to people who are primarily insulin-deficient. 

I would also be really interested in more in-depth info about Type 2,
but somehow suspect it isn't there, because no one really knows much
about the nature of Type 2, and therefore,  no one has really developed
an accurate classification system. 

So we often hear mention of subsets of Type 2, but I don't think that's
any more than an oft-repeated supposition.  
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