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Re: [IP] putting air in syringe for extra insulin

On Sun, 24 Oct 1999, Ruth Schneider wrote:

> could someone please run this by me again...I forgot ..and I could have used
> this trick when geneva ran out of insulin at 2 am and I would not have had
> to run downstairs to kitchen and do the replacement act!

This needs to be done with great care. I would suggest that if you have 
the insulin handy that you use it. But... to answer your question.

Clamp and remove the tube from the QR.
Disconnect the tube from the syringe at the leur lock. Remove the syringe 
from the pump and draw some air back into it. Reconnect the syringe to 
the leur lock being careful not to move the plunger. Place the syringe 
back in the pump and put the arms back in place. Remove the clamp from 
the tube, prime the pump enough to get some insulin to come out of the 
end of the QR. Reconnect the QR. There are some variations on this 
procedure, but basically you want to avoid any situation that would allow 
an accidental bolus to the patient. This can be caused by gravity alone 
if the leur lock is disconnected from the syringe. It is necessary for 
the patient to be disconnected while anything is done, clamping is not 
enough as the clamps sometime leak. The clamping can be accomplished with 
the funny little plastic clip, a pair of forceps, a silastic pad into 
which the QR needle is pushed, etc....

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