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Re: [IP] Which Pump???

At 08:03 PM 10/24/1999  Carolyn Green wrote:
>I can see that
>Minimed is a popular brand but have seen a great variation in the responses
>of Minimed to pump problems.

You have to be very careful about making a judgement about any product, 
based on complaints that you see on lists like this. All the people who 
have had good experiences don't write in and say anything. You only hear 
from those few that have had a problem. Also, since close to 80% of the 
pumpers on this list are on the MiniMed, you will naturally see more 
comments about them than the Disetronic.

I think that you will find that both pumps are quality devices that work 
well, and that both companies provide good service. Which ever pump you 
choose, you'll feel happy with it. So, base your decision on the features 
that you want and get the product that you feel most comfortable with. Once 
you start pumping, you'll be glad you did.


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