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[IP] Looking for endo in Melbourne, Australia

Title: Looking for endo in Melbourne, Australia
Are there any of you in Melbourne, Australia or with contacts in Melbourne who can give me the name(s) of any really good endocrinologist/diabetes specialist(s) in Melbourne.   In these last three years since moving to Melbourne I have been missing the kind of treatment provided by a prior endo/diabetes specialist (in another country) who was highly regarded in diabetes research and assisted to keep me informed relevant to my particular status, needs, etc -- including suggesting to me the use of a pump (MM 506 I have been very happy using for five years).  I want very much to find a diabetes specialist with this kind of knowledge, engagement with on-going developments, and interest in participating with me in my self-care.   I would especially like to find someone with knowledge and experience with the use of pumps!!  I prefer a woman doctor -- if all the other qualifying factors I've mentioned of importance to me are approx. equal.  I have  tried (without success) to locate a support group for pumpers in Melbourne to network with others in my quest for an endo as well as other benefits (most of which we all derive from this e-mail list -- except for face-to-face contact and facilitation which supports all present to speak).  Neither Diabetes Australia nor the International Diabetes Institute were able to locate a pumpers support group -- or refer me to other resources -- and judging from their responses to my inquiries on several occasions relative to insulin pumps,  I believe there are really not many pump users in Australia yet!!  I regret this -- wanting everyone with diabetes who could benefit from the pump to have one!!!  Those of you in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia please respond to this message (even if you don't have names of doctors) to let me know that we are at least several -- and increasing.  I have been delighted to discover this list!  It is an excellent resource!!