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Re: [IP] questions about certain foods and insulin amounts

Gianna, it all depends on the person, but...from my experience, when I eat 
something like french fries or a doughnut, I have to take a lot more insulin 
than usual.  I will take an immediate bolus which is slightly less than the 
carb value (ex. I take 1 unit for every 10g carbs.  If I eat a doughnut with 
60 g carb, I will take a bolus of 4.5 instead of 6.  Get what I mean?) and 
then I will take a larger bolus and spread it over a few hours.  If I was to 
eat that 60 g of carb donut, I would probably take 4.5 units immediately, and 
then take a square wave bolus of 5 or 6 over 2 hours.  A unit or two spread 
out doesn't cover it for me.  Like I said, it will all depend on how you 
react to the insulin, but I find that I need, altogether, almost double the 
amount of insulin I would normally use if the food was pure sugar.  Go 
figure!  Good luck, Kelly
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