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Re: [IP] Trying low-carb.

but bob,

don't you just crave a big bowl of shredded wheat?

how 'bout a nice baked potato?

my husband I and I tried this way of eating and were ok for first month
,,,but our bodies started craving carbs.  the body needs energy..which comes
from carbs.  I would awaken in the morning with a headache and could barely
do my aerobics class.  no energy whatsoever.

I think you can do low carb....not NON carb and still keep BG's under
control.  you don't need to do without.  just maybe a bowl of high fibre
cereal in the am and lots of veggies and fruits throughout the day. perhaps
a slice of whole wheat bread at lunch.   your 3-4 oz of protein at night
with the salad.

this thread has been put through the grinder before.

in my mind...moderation (and whole grains) is the key to good Bg control.  I
think that you will be successful at first with this regimens, but
eventually your body will start to crave what it needs.

ok..let's hear it from the nutrition bleachers out there!


>> My BG has become so stable that I just know that it will improve my A1C
> (last one was 7.2).  I believe that I have found a valuable tool for Bg
> regulation

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