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[IP] questions about certain foods and insulin amounts

Hi everyone: I am looking for success stories on bolusing for french fries 
and/or doughnuts.  I seem to have the pizza pretty much figured out, but 
every time I try to eat french fries or donuts I go really high and stay 
there.  It doesn't seem to matter what I try -- I am thinking my body 
doesn't do well with the combination of high fat AND high carbs at the same 
time, but there must be SOME way to enjoy the occasional plate of curly 
fries!!!  Grrrrr  . . . . any suggestions?
Today I had about 3/4 of a doughnut, bolused enough for the ENTIRE doughnut, 
plus a square wave of another whole unit over 2 hours, and still went high 
and stayed there.  By the time I came back down I'd taken enough insulin for 
about three doughnuts, according to the carb counts.  This is frustrating . 
. . . . . --Gianna

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