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Re: [IP] Dumb, dumb, DUMB!!

>>So, SMACK!  I'm DUMB!!!! (Only if I pull THAT trick again!!!!)
Ah yes, Natalie, today I had my first "smack I'm dumb" experience as well!  
I had an all day debate tournament at school and it's the third day on this 
set, so of course my insulin is running low and of course I forget to check 
it because I've ALWAYS had extra insulin so far when I change the set, of 
course forgetting that the other day I REMEMBERED the fact that I was always 
wasting insulin and instead put less into the syringe, and of course there 
was pizza there so I had to use more anyway, and of course I knew I'd run 
out of insulin.  So I tried that thing where you put air in the syringe and 
then pump what's left in the tube, only I messed that up too and somehow the 
insulin dripped out of the tubing before I could rehook the thing back up.  
Well. Fortunately I had just taken a bolus so that hung around until I got 
home and by bg was still 126.  however, i promise to be more careful from 
now on!!  Guess I've finally gotten used to being hooked up to this thing . 
. .--Gianna

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