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[IP] Trying low-carb.

A year or so ago I read Buzz's post about starting a low carb eating
regimen because he wanted to improve BG.  As time passed I read where Buzz
liked what he accomplished.  I began to consider something, anything, that
would help me keep my BG in the normal range.  That was my goal, pancreas
or no pancreas I wanted normal BGs.

About four weeks ago I started on a low carb. regimen.  I had run into an
old friend that had been trying it and he certainly seemed to be having a
lot of success but he wasn't a diabetic.  He had lost weight, lowered blood
pressure and improved (big improvement) his blood lipids.  "What do I have
to lose?"  I thought, but in the back of my mind I feared something might
be bad about eating protean, eggs and cheese.  I just wasn't sure.

Finally I read Bernstein and I paid special attention to the appendix of
his last books.  It said (I paraphrase) "Why are people worrying about low
fat when the real problem (for diabetics) is NORMAL BLOOD GLUCOSE.  Damage
or deterioration of the body's circulatory system might be retarded a bit
by low fat (no one is sure) but any resulting high Bg will overpower the
advantage and leave the diabetic much worse off as far as complications are

I made a decisions.  I stopped eating bread, noodles, biscuits, cookies,
candy, beans and other high carb, foods.  I restricted myself to protean
(and the fat that goes with it), cheese and eggs.  A garlic clove now and
then helped and good salad dressing (for a change) made a lettuce salad
very satisfying.  I ate as much as I wanted and, over time, my appetite has

My insulin requirements at the beginning were about 8 units bolus for
breakfast, dinner and supper and about .9 units per hour basils.  It varies
but those are averages.  Now I have about 3 units for breakfast, four for
lunch and three or four for supper.

My BG has become so stable that I just know that it will improve my A1C
(last one was 7.2).  I believe that I have found a valuable tool for Bg
regulation.  I want to thank the list members for suggesting low carb and
justifying it with real numbers.  I may have a brighter future because of you.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted   
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