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[IP] Vitrectomy

	Haven't read up on messages for SEVERAL days,but I noticed a question
about vitrectomies.
I had approached a diabetic acquaintance a while back,for a description of
this surg.--I have been VERY close to having the procedure myself,
he said it was a general anaesthetic proced,and there was no pain after,but
he found it a big nuisance to maintain certain positions and avoid bending
over etc. I believe this was so the bubble of air/gas they inserted to
maintain pressure,would not be dislodged.
He had gone in to surg very suddenly,as an emerg patient,as his sight had
gotten so bad overnight - they gave him hope for only 30% recovery of
vision-BUT he gained many times that and was willing to put up with the
post-op rectrictions,gladly.
Hope this is of some help
barb mcbean

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