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[IP] Young and old!

You know, I was thinking how much is covered by notes on this digest!
Amazing-even my endo is willing to listen to my ideas of mixing H/V
etc,with this digest as amunnition!
BUT I was also thinking that those of you who are parents of young
diabetics,or those diabetics themselves,may cringe when you read of the
complications of some of us older generation diabetics- my philosophy is
this--because of more modern testing methods and studies like the DCCT,we
have learned that even the smallest of improvements in glucose control can
slow or reduce or occas. reverse the situations.
Example-my kidney dysfunction has not deteriorated in 2-3 years,since
"pumping",and my eyes held their own  moreso after initial laser
intervention,til about a year ago-really that is wonderful,when you think
about it!With help from great physicians and health professionals.LOTS of
research nd LOTS of close pump regimes,I still have my ten fine toes-not
bad when amputation was considered inevitable just a few years back at a
"low" time in my healing processes!

My point is-I'm glad to be here,in total,and I'm glad to participate or at
least "lurk" on the digest. And please for those of you in early
stages-take heart-these complications may never be a problem,as long as you
strive for better control and may use of available teaching/technology. The
young diabetics now are so knowledgable-it reminds me of how the computer
age makes my 20 year olds so much more familiar with the machines-it is
marvellous how much these kids are in control and able to handle the
day-to-day fluctuations as challenges instead of headaches alone!
Hurrah for you parents who spend countless hours aiming for tight control
for them and searching constantly to bring an element of  normalcy to their
lives! And for those who spend time so often,here,replying to new
subscribers and old.with seasoned advice or encouragement!
And Hurrah for our newer technologywhich will benefit many!
And for Michael and this digest!

....Here endeth my long-winded whatever....
can anyone teach me to type?

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