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[IP] Humalog/Velosulin/HumulinR,sofsets/sils

		Well,I was pretty dumb,but I changed two variables at once when I played
with insulin type and set type at the same time.
Problem-I switched from Velosulin to Humalog at my endos' urging.It did NOT
jive with my gastro. So-I added Velosulin,first at 5/1 for H/V. With some
improvement sugar -wise,but still much less site preservation than straight
Velosulin,I then tried 3/1,H/V.
So now things might be a bit better,but I have slid back into wide
fluctuations,night time reactions despite regular night testing,abnd stll
somewhat shorter site preservation.
I plan now to try straight Humulin R ,which is new to me-reason for this
change is that here in canada,my endo says the FDA-clearing for me to get
Velosulin causes time-lags etc and if I could switch to Humulin R
easily,that would be good.

i suspect the variability of my digestion time is the sole culprit for my
difficulty with Humalog,so the change might be good,but any pearls of
wisdom about this,or any cautions switching to Humulin R from Velosulin?
Second problem-I switched from sofstes to sils  for an improvemnet in tape
lasting,and espec for a tinier area of coverage of tape (with sofsets,I ahd
to tape a patch probably 3 x 4",so the number of possible sites was low.  I
do find the sils easy to insert and less noticeable on movement,espec when
near the ribs ,but I used to expect MANY days froma set,with no infections.
I'm a little boggled-what would be the most logical thing to try
Pleas-comment for me!

Thanks a bunch-Barb-diab x 23 years,pumpingx 4 years.

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