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[IP] LoCarb comments

Just had a very satisfactory football afternoon and it is just barely after
3:00 on a Sunday.  Denver (as I am sure you know) fought an inspired New
England and demonstrated considerable skill and coaching.  They did,
however, lose.  I extend my profound sympathy and deepest wishes for the
World Champions.  Pity they are having trouble making the play-offs this
season.  Oh well, somebody has to make room for the newer, better players.

The Cowboys rose to the occasion and stuck it to the Redskins.  I gritted
my teeth with dread the entire game.  I had a back-of-the-mind picture of
Dallas lying down and snoozing through the game and waking up at the end
with a dazed look and saying, "What happened?"

They tried, Lord knows they tried to go to sleep but something kept them
awake and they succeeded in keeping them moving for another 15 or 20
minutes.  Godd on 'em.  I'm proud of all my drug addicts and dope fiends.
Dallas has finally got class.  We're winners!!!!

I am returning to South Carolina a week from next Monday (Nov. 01) and will
migrate up to Charlottesville, VA to spend the weekend of the 6th with Ken
and his family.  Ken is taking me to the Georgia Tech vs University of
Virginia football game.  I am flattered and pleased at having the
opportunity.  Thanksgiving will be at Charlottesville as well so my return
to Texas will be about December 1 or 5.  I plan on spending the winter
here.  Winters in Texas almost make up for the summers.

Take care and pray for Blair.  Last I heard he was living with Troy.  Last
girlfriend threw him out.

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