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Re: [IP] getting out sand and such-Ruth

Ruth, dust off?  Where do i go for this?  Thanks for advising the tape before 
insertion. Matt's second insertion only lasted for 1 hour!  He was out riding 
his bike, and came home saying "ut-oh".  Of course i was in the middle of 
dinner, and trying to get everyone ready for a Cubscout hayride, when i had 
to do another set change!  I simply took a deep breath and remembered to 
apply the tape then insertion, then tape..........Beautiful!  It's lasted 
since Friday night into today without any problems, tonight he's due for 
another change i hope it goes as well!  His #'s have been terrific!!!!!!  We 
are loving this pump!!!!!!!!!!   And I AM loving this list!!!!!!!!!  Thanks 
everyone for all suggestions for me and Matt concerning site problems and 
burning at site, etc.

Mag-Pumping happily
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