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Hello everyone!
	I haven't "participated" in quite a while but found, with great interest,
the topic of "parents letting go".  I read so many things that I could
relate to...having lived with diabetes for 33 years and having had the most
supportive (and sometimes strict) parents a child could ask for.
	Certainly, punishment should not be the key to encouraging better blood
sugar levels but I do remember my frustration (sometimes displayed by anger)
of my Mom when mine were elevated.  In the 60's, the child wasn't "educated"
as they are today and it WAS the parents' responsibility to know what was
going on.
	I've been on a pump for just about 4 years.  My Mom had suffered a stroke
and was living in an assisted living center.  When I went in to see her to
share with her the news of my "pump", I knew she wouldn't understand the
whole concept of pumping...however, I knew she would understand that I
didn't have to take the daily multiple injections anymore.  When I told her
that, her face just beamed....parents can't help being involved...they love
us and want to help.  Somehow the support groups for parents need to help
them learn, as many of you have, that the knowledge must be passed along as
it's able to be understood by the child.  That's what I was blessed with.
My Mom passed away in April...only three months after I went on my pump.  I
miss being able to share my success stories with her.  But I bet she knows
all about them!
	Everyone...be kind to one another....have a wonderful day!

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