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[IP] Dumb, dumb, DUMB!!

I've been having such an easy time with the pump that I've gotten

Yesterday, a friend and I went to perform at an Early Music Festival in
Grass Valley, CA, which is about a 2-hour drive from here.

I changed my set in the morning, because it was time, and set off
merrily for the day.

WITHOUT any kind of backup for my diabetic needs!!!!!!!  :(

The first part of the day went without a hitch -- until I went to have
some cookies (irresistible -- pinwheel cookies!!!) and got a no delivery
alarm.  So I tried again, and this time the bolus went through. 

Lunch time, same thing. It would pump a couple of tenths of a unit, and
then tell me no delivery. Nursed it through and got a couple of units,
but not enough.

Dinner time, couldn't get anything. So I ate prime rib, and salad, and
figured it was almost time to go home. But I was starting to feel
symptomatic, dry, groggy, etc.

Well, during the concert, while we were waiting our turn, my pump
started saying no delivery, even for the basals. The person in the row
ahead of me looked around, annoyed at the inconsiderate person whose
pager was going off!!!!  (My vision was blurry, but I played OK (not

So I put the pump on suspend, and worried that something was wrong with
it until we got home. Then I did a test prime -- pump was working
PERFECTLY, so I removed the set and looked. 

Fact: there was a distinct, L-shaped kink in the cannula!

This is the first time that has happened to me! :( And it figures it
would happen while I was away, and couldn't take care of it easily! :(
And the whole thing would have been only a minor inconvenience if I'd
thought to carry back-up supplies!

So, SMACK!  I'm DUMB!!!! (Only if I pull THAT trick again!!!!)

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