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[IP] Re: Basal levels & exercise

Hi, Kevin, and welcome to pumping!  There is a terrific site at
"http://www.virtualnurse.com/Chat/Diabetes" .  They had a chat about
exercise on October 20.  That transcript is at
http://www3.edgenet.net/dare/.  Hope this helps!
God Bless,
Debbie, Mom of Katie, 8, dx'd 9/97
MiniMed pumper since 8/2/99 (only kid in Alaska...so far!)



I'm a new pumper here (as of Tuesday), after 32 years of shots...

Today I went for a bike ride with my daughter.  My afternoon
basal level is 0.2u/hr.  At that level, I don't have much head room 
to work with to drop the basal!!!  I set it for a temp of 0.1u/hr,
and went for a two hour ride (about 8 miles round trip - small for
my normal rides, but my daughter is young).  I ate about 28-30 grams
of carbo on the ride - and still was low when we got home (~40)!!!

0.1u/hr is about as low as I can go - and I still am getting too
much insulin, when I go for bike rides!  Is anyone else in this 
situation?    If so, what do others do?  I saw something about
the pump supporting the use of U50 insulin (0.05u/hr) - but I'm 
not even sure if that would reduce my basal enough!  Plus, I have
never seen U50 (but I do remember U40 in days gone by).  

I was really looking forward to using the pump, and being able to
reduce basal some, to allow bike riding without eating continuously.


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