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[IP] Letting go for parents

When Josh was first diagnosed at age seven, I had all the responsibility for 
his care.  I turned it over to him a little bit at a time.  This past summer 
(at age 15), I let him go to Belize for two weeks with a school group.  He 
had never been away from home for longer than a week and that was to D camp.  
This was pre-pump and his former endo had just changed his insulin regimen.  
He enjoyed the trip even though his blood sugars were high due to the change 
in regimen.  I was a nervous wreck.  One of the teachers at his school told 
me she didn't know if she would have been able to 'let go' and let her son 
take a trip like that if he had diabetes.  I told her Josh had to live his 
own life (much easier said than done).  I tried to equip him to take care of 
himself and that's all I can do.  Now that he is on a pump, I feel like we 
have taken a couple of steps back.  He does all his site changes, fills the 
cartridges, boluses, etc, but we figure out together if his basals need 
changing and I help him with carb counting on some foods.   He has been 
pumping less than a month though.  I also check his blood sugars at midnight 
and 3a.m.  The few lows he has had since being on the pump are not nearly as 
bad as the ones pre-pump, so I feel a little more relaxed.  I know things 
will only continue to get better, but I can understand that 'overprotective 
parent' mode.  Josh is the baby of six children and the only one with a 
chronic illness (he also has asthma).    Annette
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