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[IP] Humalog/Velsulin Mix

Holly,             Josh just turned 16- he is 5'10" and weighs about 165lbs.  
 He uses 5 parts Humalog to 1 part Velosulin.  When he started pumping, his 
blood sugars would start rising after 36 to 48 hours into the 300's and 
bolusing would not bring them down.  His sites looked fine otherwise- no 
redness or pain.  His endo said she hadn't heard of using this mix, but she 
was willing to try it (I told her I read about it on this list- thanks, 
Michael).   The first time he changed his site using the mix, he went 31/2 
days and his blood sugars were fine.  I really can't tell much difference in 
the action of the mix either.   Josh didn't really complain about having to 
change his sites every other day, but he is obviously happy that he can go 
three days between changes now.   Annette
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