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Re: [IP] Re: Letting go ? for parents and diabetics

Hi Laura,

 I agree, I am not trying to minimize the fact the the family members 
involved do not go though something ... I do agree with that and sorry that 
has to happen .. I know that if my mom could she would take the diabetes on 
herself if she could take it from me ... I think with any disease this can 
happen...  I do not wish this for anyone to have to experience .. I think 
they should have support groups for all people involved so they can talk 
about it .. it does help ... Not that it is the same but my dad is achohlic 
and I have gone to alateen and alonon because his disease affects us all .. 
and this has helped so I learned how to deal with me so I can deal with him 
...  < I see the eyes rolling by others > please please I do not compare 
diabetes to achoholics at all just as far as a family affect and support 
groups :-) Julie 
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