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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] Letting go ? for parents and

 Hi :-)

   I can understand that, I was just curious on the feeling .. I see some 
parents with kids 10 and up and the moms or dads talk for them "we" I am just 
wondering what the kids think because I am just looking back on my childhood 
.. I again Commend all parents for who they are and what they do ...  and of 
course age 3, 5 preschool age cannot do it alone ...  they learn as they go 
... I just get concerned at the young adults and teens who have not learned 
to do for themselves ... I am also thinking for the parents sake too...  I 
maybe read the post wrong .. just had sounded like Mom was doing it all .. if 
I am wrong then I am sorry .. just I worked with teen age kids at camp and so 
many complained to me that there mom or dad was always on their back ...

 One child even had a mother that would punish her if her sugar went high .. 
because her mother  thought she ate candy .. this child was so mean and angry 
at the world because of this ... come to find out she was just going though 
puberty .. and not eating candy at all .. but her mom still punished her .. 
Also at camp I met many children who were like I cannot handle this disease 
and we had a whole group discussion come to find out .. mom or dad had done 
it all and now at 13 . 14 they were trying to understand it all and could not 
because they were not doing little things along the way ... I am just hoping 
for success for the children ..

 I have also done talks on eating disorders and diabetes for teens .. the 
things kids know how to do is amazing even things I did not know .. Some 
would look like they were giving there shot and really not ... some would 
wipe there finger with achohol so much it would make the reading lower so 
they could get "double snack" did you know about this? I learned from the 
kids and I am diabetic myself .. wow things kids will do ... it is not just 
kids with diabetes ..  it is all kids they always find a way .. 

 On a lighter note I met children whose parents have given them 
responsibility and wow how they have accepted themselves and there diabetes 
.. it does not have them they have it ... it is just amazing and I just 
wanted to state what I have noticed .. so in the end we can all smile .. 
thanks for you imput all of it Julie 
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